CCTV installation

The latest CCTV cameras for your property

CCTV systems

Remotely view your home or premises with CCTV

Do you think your property could be better monitored? Get complete property surveillance with high-performance CCTV cameras from A5 Star Alarms.

We have been providing effective property monitoring solutions for all types of clients for over 30 years. CCTV is the ideal way to keep watch over your business or home 24 hours a day. Miniature cameras can be placed at strategic locations to ensure complete coverage.

Based in Smethwick, we can install CCTV systems for properties across Birmingham and surrounds.

Surveillance for your property

•  Round-the-clock surveillance
•  Monitor footage via your TV or PC
•  Image recording
•  Ideal for car park surveillance
•  Monitoring & deterrent for potential shoplifters
•  Monitoring your employees

All our CCTV installations are guaranteed for 2 years, and we provide regular advice and consultations on keeping your systems operational. Feel free to call and discuss your bespoke requirements with us.
Surveillance equipment installation

Get complete property surveillance with top-quality CCTV installations from A5 Star Alarms in Birmingham Call 
0121 551 1297
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